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"We want to be a bridge that will take people from where they are to where God is leading them!" Bishop Brandon A. Jacobs Sr. 

Bishop Brandon A. Jacobs Sr. International is an outreach ministry that seeks to empower the lives of people across the globe through ministry by effectively engaging, enlightening, and educating.

Bishop Brandon A. Jacobs International


Tuition Assistance/ Scholarships

We strongly believe that education is the most powerful tool you can use to change the world. Therefore, we are providing tuition assistance and scholarships to students pursuing higher levels of education.  

Enriching Families

As we focus on building families, we are proud to provide financial relief to those experiencing  economical financial hardships by paying off debts and providing resources to lighten the load.

Building Schools

From individual families to the country as a whole, we understand how crucial early care and learning, educations systems, and traditional after-school supports are to our national wellbeing. Therefore, we've created Salt of The Earth Christian Academy and Performing Arts that will open in 2026. 

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